Casino KYC (Know your costumer)

What is casino KYC?

Licensed casinos must follow laws and regulations. These laws state that casinos must verify the identity of their customers (know your customer) to ensure that they are of legal age to gamble. The process is also intended to prevent fraud and other criminal activity. It also offers protection to casinos when it comes to bonus abuse.

While it is meant to be a tool of protection, it is also a stalling tactic that some online casinos choose to use. With this article, we will prepare you to be ready and make sure all the documents are prepared for you to complete the process as smoothly as possible.

KYC Ice Casino

As an example, we’ll take a look at Ice Casino, and check the required documents. The fact is that the casino only asks for it when you try to cash out, they seem to accept deposits from everyone. They just get picky when it comes to paying out players. The verification can be accessed from your profile by clicking on the KYC button. Below is a screenshot of the documents required by Ice Casino to complete the KYC process.

The following documents are currently accepted and required. Until these documents have been processed and validated, you will not be able to withdraw funds from Ice Casino.

KYC Ice Casino
KYC Ice Casino – Verification process