Roulette Strategy – Is there a sure-fire strategy to win?

It is important to emphasize that there is no roulette strategy that is a 100% guarantee of success! There are many websites that try to mislead you and even present the following systems as a sure-fire winning strategy. A well-oiled roulette wheel is impossible to beat in the long run with any roulette tactic, system or trick you try. You will be very disappointed if your goal is to make money with online roulette systems. The house always wins!

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Martingale (Double or Red-Black Roulette Strategy)

Basically, it is very simple and easy to use:

You must have a consistent outcome bet (red-black, odd-even, etc.).
If you lose the bet, keep doubling (if you start with 1 euro, go 2, 4, etc.) until you win. If you win with 4 euros, you bet 1+2+4=7 and win 8. The profit is 1 in all cases.
The idea behind this system is that sooner or later you will get lucky and can’t lose. This is only true if you are playing roulette with an infinite amount of money and the casino does not limit the amount you can bet.

Simulating a doubling strategy
How much are you willing to double? Up to 128? In this case, you would have wagered a total of $255 to win $1. The chance of losing 8 times in a row is (19/37)^8, which is 0.0048 or 0.48%. This is about every 200 times. You may be lucky enough to survive hundreds of spins, but in the long run the system will always fail. Most roulette tables also set a maximum limit, which is usually a hundred times the minimum bet.

Infinite money and unlimited bets are the two conditions that must be met in order to win in the long run with this strategy. This is simply not possible.

Fibonacci Roulette Strategy

It is similar to the Martingale strategy, but instead of doubling the bets, the bets are chosen according to the Fibonacci numbers (1,1,2,3,5,8…). Since the increase in bets is not as aggressive as in the Martingale strategy, there is less risk. The player bets one number forward for each loss and two numbers backward for each win. The risk and the potential profit are also lower, the system can handle more spins, but in the long run it fails just as badly.

Winning roulette strategy

There are no 100% strategies or systems! The majority of casino games are based on luck alone, although in some games, such as Blackjack or Video Poker, the player’s knowledge is a factor. In the latter, using the best strategy increases the player’s chances of winning, but in all cases the casino is the winner in the long run.

The difference is that if all players played the best possible tactics, the casino’s profit would be small, but it would still be a sure win. However, since the majority of players are playing on a hunch or chance, the casino stands to gain more.

As mentioned above, the following strategies will also not work. It’s not hard to guess that if any of these worked, some random website owner would not be trumpeting them to the world, but would be looting casinos around the clock with his surefire method. Since there is no winning strategy in the long run due to the mathematical rules, there is nothing left to do but rob gullible gamblers.

Various sites promise winning systems that are sure to win at Roulette, but they all turn out to be scams. It must be said that ALL casino games are designed to win only for the casino in the long run. Players have to accept that this is the industry, they can play, they can have fun, but in the end they will lose no matter what.

By the time the gullible player figures out that the roulette tactic advertised as winning is a scam, he has already lost a lot of money and the website that promised the system is once again raking in a nice commission from the casino.

So, instead of searching for the best roulette tricks, there is nothing else to do but to deal with roulette, which is nothing but a recreational game. As long as you accept this and are willing to make sacrifices for your hobby, there is no harm done.

Roulette Scams

More and more roulette strategy sites are popping up, with unsuspecting players being taken advantage of by fraudulent sites. These offer surefire methods to rip off online casinos by presenting them as a winning system from home.

Unfortunately, there is no such strategy, as Roulette was invented several hundred years ago to include the house’s profits in any case. Even the best roulette tactics are only good for keeping the house edge to a minimum, but even then your increased chances of winning are for naught because the casino wins the game anyway. And players who play randomly or use the wrong system are the casino’s main source of revenue.